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Preventative Maintenance

AC Maintenance Special

Regularly scheduled maintenance is quick and simple, and can extend the life of an air conditioning unit considerably. Rollin Air also offers a Preventative Maintenance Program, which is a must for any owner of an air conditioning unit in the Southern Ca area.

These units are often used so often and have to work so hard, especially in Southern Ca. This naturally leads to the units wearing out, as anything with moving parts will do eventually if subjected to constant use.

Rollin Air will send their professionally-trained technicians over to look at the machines BEFORE they break, ensuring that one does not have to suffer through a day without any air conditioning.

Preventative Maintenance Pays for Itself!

On average poorly maintained equipment costs more money on to own and operate than equipment that is regularly maintained.

  • Higher Energy Costs - Poorly maintained equipment can cost more to operate
  • More Expensive Repairs - Small issues can become larger issues on equipment that does not receive regular attention
  • Expensive "Emergency" Service Costs - Unexpected emergency services can be expensive, including higher repair costs due to overtime or non-business hour service calls, premium pricing for last minute parts replacement, and more.